Kris Price, Assistant to the Publishers, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

[Regarding the High School Chemistry in Your Home program] This is truly an incredible curriculum that is presented in a concise and clear manner. The student is actively involved in learning, utilizing visual learning through independent research, audio learning through discussions with other students or the teacher, and kinesthetic learning through hands-on activities.

Dr. Heather Allen, TOS Senior Analyst, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

I sincerely believe that if you are ready for a biology curriculum, and want one that is comprehensive, fun, and engaging, this is the curriculum to use. Further, if the whole thought of biology makes you squeamish and you're thinking that this area of study is one that might have to be skipped, check into this curriculum. You'll not be disappointed and, more importantly, I believe your child will have a great time learning biology.

Elizabeth Bischollf North Myrtle Beach, SC

These manuals allow you to go as deep as you want! This was the highlight of our academic year!


Hi Bridget:
We're having a blast with the Biology - we're on week three this week - froggy here we come! Thank you for such a fun program - it's a lifesaver to illiterate science parents like me! ha ha
Thanks again


I have learned so much more with the manuals. I remember and understand so much, because I had to find the information.

Linda Stancil, Old Fort, NC

My son has learned so much more because he had to pursue and find the answers, rather than reading a dry, boring textbook. I also liked the way the biology material starts with the study of life.

Lynn Hogan, High Point, NC

I really looked with dread upon the task of teaching my daughter biology. Ms. Ardoin's course makes it organized and complete! The teacher's manual was a BIG help because all the questions were specifically answered. My daughter learned SO MUCH and was thrilled with her IOWA test that year because she knew ALL the science!