Discovering Earth’s Landforms and Surface Features


Each volume contains 24 lessons. Most complete 2-3 lessons per week.

Also included are 24 Lots of Science Library Books (saving a trip to the library!)

Each lesson has a detailed explanation of all the activities. This lets you, the teacher, get started right away!

Each volume has reproducible activities and graphics for the students' use.

Product Description

Assessment, Lots of Science Library Books, and Graphics Pages
Table of Contents

1. Where is Earth in space?
2. What are the physical features of Earth?
3. What is the lithosphere?
4. What are faults and folds in the lithosphere?
5. What are earthquakes?
6. How are mountains formed?

7. What is a volcano?
8. What are tsunamis, hot springs, geysers, and volcanic islands?
9. What are igneous and sedimentary rocks?
10. What are metamorphic rocks?
11. What are minerals?
12. What are fossils?

13. What is soil?
14. What are Earth’s mineral resources?
15. What is weathering and erosion?
16. How does erosion affect Earth?
17. What are caves?
18. How do glaciers affect the land?

19. How do rivers shape the land?
20. What special features does a river form?
21. How are lakes created?
22. How does ocean movement alter coastlines?
23. What are the features of the ocean floor?
24. What do we know about deserts?

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