The World of Light and Sound

The World of Light and Sound

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Each volume contains 24 lessons. Most complete 2-3 lessons per week.

Also included are 24 Lots of Science Library Books (saving a trip to the library!)

Each lesson has a detailed explanation of all the activities. This lets you, the teacher, get started right away!

Each volume has reproducible activities and graphics for the students' use.

Table of Contents
1. What is light??
2. How does light travel?
3. What is sunlight?
4. How does light reflect?
5. How does light refract?
6. What is a rainbow?
7. What makes color?
8. Does light travel through transparent, translucent, and opaque objects?
9. What causes shadows?
10. What are mirrors?
11. How do lenses and eyes work?
12. What are lasers?
13. What is heat?
14. How does heat travel?
15. What is sound?
16. How does sound travel?
17. How is sound measured?
18. Does sound travel through air, water, and solids?
19. How do humans hear?
20. What makes loud and soft sounds?
21. What makes different sounds?
22. How is sound reflected and absorbed?
23. How does sound help us?
24. How are light and sound alike and different?