Benefits of this curricula?

It is “SCIENCE-ONLY”!!  The manuals are not “creation-based”, the manuals are not “evolution-based”, they are “science-based”.   There are a lot of scientific facts the student must learn to prepare for college hence there is not enough time to have him/her study the philosophical.    The weeks are designed for the parent to have a once a week discussion regarding the week’s topic.  This can be used to discuss the personal beliefs of the family, to tie it in with the topic which is so important because you only have a few more years with your high schooler.

The students seek out their answers, read a lot of information and must process that information to answer the particular question.  The information the student reads is usually written by a person who is passionate about the topic which comes through in the material, and can include fun visuals which help in understanding.   This can be different than a textbook which can be dry and “just the facts”.

“I want the students to think for themselves, to be able to look scientifically and objectively at what is presented to them, to be able to discern if something is scientifically sound.”