About the Author

Bridget Ardoin homeschooled her 5 children since the early 1980s. In the mid-1990s, she began what was to become the guided research approach.   Her children are now grown and graduated from various colleges.  She taught for many years to homeschoolers in her area the high school sciences.  She retired right before COVID hit.

“I love to see those students who are burned out on science come into my classes, and who after a few weeks, have their faces lit up with all the cool information they discovered about that week’s topic.  To me, science is all about discovery learning.  The more hands-on the student can be, the more the facts are understood and remembered.

I have several stories from former students.  One of my favorites is from a young man who had been burned out by his old science books (read the chapter then answer the questions at the end), and had even begun to dread science.  After the first few weeks of Biology, he changed his mind and has come to love science.  He then took my Chemistry class and then my Physics, and is now majoring in Physics in college.    Another is a young lady took my science classes, then in college wanted to CLEP out of her Biology requirement.  She took the test and passed, after a 5 year break from taking my class!

I really believe, from experience, that the more the student researches and finds out for his own, the more he/she understands and remembers, and enjoys learning.