Chemistry Syllabus and Sample Pages

There are two manuals included in this chemistry curriculum. They include what you need to use as a tool to help your high school student achieve a well-rounded year of studying high school chemistry.

The Student Manual has lists of questions for each week for your student to research. This is NOT a textbook, but a guide the student follows to discover everything he/she needs to know that encompasses high school chemistry. I recommend the use of the local library and the internet. If neither of these options are available or are your preference, then a textbook can be used. The student manual also contains the directions for each week’s laboratory work.

The Parent Manual contains a list of supplies that are necessary for the entire year. The information that the student needs to have discovered in his/her research is also included. Since many of us have not taken chemistry or have forgotten much of what we did do, the Parent Manual contains detailed explanations of the labs and homework. Quizzes and end-of-semester exams are also available for you to give your student. Of course the answers for all the quizzes and exams are included in the Parent Manual for you.

We have put together a Chemistry Lab Kit with the harder to find items/chemicals in a kit packaged by specific week to make your homeschooling experience more enjoyable and simple. These kits are only available to those who have bought the Manuals. Check out the on-line catalog to see all that is available from High School Chemistry in Your Home to help you homeschool your high school science student.



  • Week 1: Introduction to Chemistry
  • Week 2: Properties of Matter
  • Week 3: Measurement
  • Week 4: The Atom
  • Week 5: Electron Cloud Structure
  • Week 6: Electron Configuration
  • Week 7: The Periodic Table and Periodicity
  • Week 8: Stoichiometry and Nomenclature
  • Week 9: Chemical Bonds
  • Week 10: Crystals, the Mold and Avogadro’s Number
  • Week 11: Solutions
  • Week 12: Colloids
  • Week 13: Review


  • Week 1: Chemical Equations
  • Week 2: Chemical Equations and Molecular Relationships
  • Week 3: Enthalpy and Specific Heat
  • Week 4: Heat Energy and Entropy
  • Week 5: Chemical Kinetics
  • Week 6: Chemical Equilibrium
  • Week 7: Oxidation Reduction
  • Week 8: pH and pOH
  • Week 9: Acid, Base and Buffer
  • Week 10: Gas Laws I
  • Week 11: Gas Laws II
  • Week 12: Nuclear Chemistry
  • Week 13: Organic Chemistry
  • Week 14: Review

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