Homeschooling High School Sciences is "Old School"

     Being able to research any concept of science at home is truly “doing it old school”.  Most of the great scientists did their research at home (pre-World Wars), having a make-shift lab of some sort in a shed or wherever there was extra space.  Sir Isaac Newton came up with his theory of gravity while in his home (if I remember correctly, he was in quarantine - his schooling was cancelled due to the Black Plague.)  While state-of-the-art machines are nice and make studying microorganisms and quantum mechanics easier, more precise and accurate, they are not necessary to studying the basic principles of science.  You can be assured that any space you may have can lend to great discoveries for your homeschooled high school student.  The homeschooler can delve more deeply into scientific principles to get ready for college.  The home allows the student to do experiments over and over and over again, and to modify the experiments to find out new things.  The student has an advantage because he/she can stop at any time to examine a principle more intensity, can read real books about the topic and learn so much more than a paragraph or so that might be in a textbook.  More importantly, he/she will understand the topic.  When someone understands something they do not have to memorize it, they know it.   

Don’t be insecure about homeschooling your highschooler in the sciences, be encouraged to know they will be “doing it old school” like the scientists of the 1800s!