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Science for High School

Homeschooling the High School Sciences

If you are homeschooling for any amount of time, you have discovered there is no “perfect” curriculum. Unfortunately, this also applies to the sciences. There are no perfect curricula out there to teach your student any particular science, no magic system where you can just plug it in and the student learns! Every student has his […]

Science for High School

Order of Sciences

So this is your first year of homeschooling a high school student. How exciting! You get to write a high school transcript and you are in charge of choosing the order your student will learn the high school sciences. The question is how do you make that decision. Traditionally the high school sciences are taught […]

How to Use this Program to Get the Best Results

Welcome to a new way of learning for most of your students! This is a research based program and therefore a little different from the traditional approach of “read the book and answer the questions at the end of the chapter”. Here is a quick overview of how to use the program to get the […]

Understanding Chemistry

When someone speaks of a person knowledgeable in chemistry, what might come to mind is a disheveled person in a long white stained lab coat, complete with pocket protector.  I hope that one day everyone will have a basic knowledge of chemistry, because a basic understanding of chemistry is important in living a safe and […]