About Science for High School

Bridget Ardoin

Does the thought of teaching the high school sciences scare the daylights out of you? I know plenty of parents that feel that way. That’s the reason I wrote these curriculums designed for the homeschooling family. They are designed to be academically challenging for the student and parent-friendly for YOU! Each week has a lab and a quiz, with detailed answers available in the teacher’s book! What could be easier?

My name is Bridget Ardoin and have been a homeschooling mother to my five children for the last 12+ years. Prior to that, I graduated with a degree in microbiology from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Since then I have taught high school sciences in both private schools as well as in tutorial settings. I began helping parents to teach biology to their own children in their own homes in the 1990’s. This curriculum, first printed in 1993 under the name “What, Me Teach High School Biology“, is the accumulation of those years. There have been several revisions over the years, but the general concept has been the same: a quality high school science curriculum with a user friendly approach for the teacher.

As the rave reviews for the biology curriculum continued to come, the requests for other quality high school science curriculums also came. Seeing that there was a demand for an academically challenging alternative to the traditional text book curriculum, I then put together my chemistry and physical science curriculums. Each is made with you, the busy homeschooling parent and your maturing high school student in mind.

Take a minute and read the reviews at the bottom of this page, then use the menu on the left to get a closer look at each curriculum to see which would be most appropriate for your family. If you have questions that are not included in the Frequently Asked Questions Page, please feel free to Contact me and I will try and respond promptly!