Science for High School

Possible Websites

Every so often I get recommendations for “good” websites. I have hesitated to recommend any because I feared I would add stress to Science for High School Manual users in the event that the website becomes obsolete, or worse, “disappears”. Also, I would hate to undermine the research aspect by handing over “where to find the answers”.

A “good” website is a relative and subjective term! I am sure you have heard the phrase, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. In the same way, a website is good to me only if it contains the content I am looking for AND if it is written in a way that I can understand. The website is useless to me if I cannot understand what is written! What and how I learn and understand may not be the same for you or your student.

The Science for High School Manuals are written in a very different way than traditional textbooks. Your student may have become accustomed to reading the chapter and when answering questions about the chapter, all he has to do is look for the emboldened words to find the answers. Since there are no answers within the Student’s Manual, your student will need to acquire a new habit of researching his answers. My concern about giving “good websites” is that it may hinder your student’s developing his own approach to his research. Some websites (such as Wikipedia) are strongly discouraged by even college professors in our area. Usually at the end of the Wikipedia articles are cited other references. Those sources MAY be more reliable.

For those who absolutely need a starting place to “jump off” from in relation to research, these sites MAY be helpful. Please don’t limit yourself or your student to just these websites:

These sites will not answer ALL of the questions in the manuals but can get your student started in how to find websites. Please bear in mind that your student may or may not find these helpful!

I have helped and will help students who are having trouble finding sites about a particular subject. If your student is having trouble, please have him/her send me an email asking me for help. I can usually find a variety of sources about a particular topic, rather than a site that is broad in topic (like those I cite above).

NOTE: While I was writing this blog, one of the websites that I had originally found to recommend became “no longer available”. I have no idea if these will remain for the duration of this blog, so please keep this in mind!