Science for High School

Curriculum Not Quite Working?

What to do when you realize the curriculum that you bought is just not working for your student… Sigh in anguish, tear your clothes in frustration to think of all that money you spent on it! It would be so tempting to “make it work”, to force your student to press on and slug it out. But, you know deep down, that that just won’t work! One reason you homeschool is so that you can provide the best learning environment for your student! Only, school being frustrating every day for student and teacher was not in the plan. Can you tell that I have been in that exact place before? I think anyone who has homeschooled for any period of time has been there.

One thing that can be done is to re-vamp the curriculum. Ask yourself, how can I tweak this curriculum so that I can still use it but change it in such a way that it works much better for your student? Can I throw some of the monotonous 20 math questions of the same format out, and make my student do a few instead, just so I can see he knows how to do the problem? Could my student read half of the proposed material and get the same results? Take two weeks to do the assignment instead of one? All of these are potential ways to use what you have perhaps in a new way.

If it cannot be re-vamped in any kind of way, then another way must be sought. You can try to sell the old while trying the new to recoup some of the cost. Four of my five children do not have the “good-spelling gene”. Believe me, I have tried every type of spelling curricula out there and had no success. I would slog through half of each different one, thinking THAT approach would work. I would try to resell the last spelling method while trying the new. Whatever challenge your student has, it is important not to give up trying various approaches until you find a success of some sort. You may want to do work on paper instead of the actual workbook if you are considering this approach.

If you choose a curriculum that is not working, you have NOT failed. What worked for one student may not work for another. It is ok to drop what is not working, this is one of the reasons you homeschool, for the flexibility. You are doing something wonderful for your student: helping him learn in a way that is best for him.